Free Activities to Do with Kids

Free Activities for Kids

It’s no secret that kids can get expensive. Things can add up quickly, and it’s very beneficial to save money whenever possible.

There are so many different activities that are free to kids, so make sure you are taking  advantage of them all. On today’s blog, we are talking about some of our favorite free activities you can do with kids.

Go to the Park

Going to the local park is a great activity that can get you and your kids out of the house. This is an easy way you can get  them in nature and outside. There are endless activities you can do at your local park. You guys can ride bikes, they can play on the playground, or just go on a walk. To try something new, you can even go to a park you have not been to before.

Go to the Public Library 

If you are not already, make sure you are utilizing your public library. This is a great activity that you can do with your child, especially in the summer when they are out of school. It’s important that they keep learning and using their brain, and reading is a great way to stimulate the brain. You can also grab a book while you’re there as well and read while they are reading. Another pro-tip is to make sure you check your local library’s upcoming events for any special programs for kids.

Go to Free Museums 

Many museums offer reduced or even free admission to children under a certain age. This is a great activity you can do together. Going to a museum is also a great learning experience for your child, and you as well. Simply go online and look up your local museums to see if they have free admission for children.

Have a Scavenger Hunt 

Making up a scavenger hunt is a fun way to turn any boring day into an extraordinary one. You can come up with your own, or just find one online that someone else has already created. Make it more fun by creating in a fun location, like all over your city. This can be a great rainy day activity for you and your child since you can drive them from place to place.

Have a Movie Marathon

Yet another rainy day activity that doesn’t cost you a penny is having a movie marathon. Set up some pillows and blankets in front of your TV for an even cozier atmosphere. You can pop some popcorn and make it feel like you are at the movies while still in your own home. Watch some of your child’s personal favorite movies or watch a new one they have been wanting to see.

Camp in Your Backyard 

Rather than going to a campground and paying for a campsite, you can camp in your backyard! This is a fun way to create a great experience for you and your child. Make memories that will last a lifetime by doing fun activities like making a fire or roasting marshmallows. Don’t have a tent? Don’t worry! Just take some blankets and pillows and sleep under the stars. Your child is sure to remember this fun night!