Online Theft

Why using a NetSpend Pre-paid Card Might be the Most Secure Way to Shop Online


Online shopping is becoming the norm for most of us. Let’s face it, the convenience and ease of shopping while sitting on the couch can be a lot more appealing than fighting crowds and finding a parking spot at a jam-packed mall. But just like most things in life, there is always a catch. In the case of online shopping, it’s having your bank account swiped clean from online hackers. There are some third-party payment services like PayPal that allow for a more secure transaction, but not every online store has this option, and even if they do, services like PayPal are still susceptible to being hacked.

Safe and Secure

So what’s an easy solution to combat online hackers? An Advance Financial NetSpend card! The card is used just like a debit card, but it’s pre-paid so you can choose the amount you want on the card and don’t have to worry about your whole bank account being exposed online. Say you’re buying a new digital camera on Amazon for $134. Simply load that amount or a little more on the card and use it when purchasing the camera. Your bank account is safe because you used a NetSpend card and not your debit card, which is connected to your bank account. Many users take advantage of a NetSpend card for also paying bills, connecting automatic payment to there NetSpend account instead of their bank account. This is just an extra way to protect yourself from being overcharged on a service or utility bill.

Even More Benefits

Not only does the card help keep your bank account private, it’s also a great tool to help with budgeting your finances. With a pre-paid card you can ensure you only spend an allocated amount on certain items or services like lunch for the week or clothes when shopping. And just like reward points for credit cards, The Advance Financial NetSpend card gives you cash rewards on many everyday purchases.

So if you’re an avid online shopper or just an occasional one, making sure your payments go through securely without having your account information stolen is easy when using an Advance Financial NetSpend card. Come into one of our 70+ stores open 24/7 and get your card today.


The Extra Mile is Never Crowded


What makes people go the extra mile? To push themselves past the point of their comfort zone? Some people may just want to prove to themselves that they can. Others may do it to prove someone else wrong. And then there’s the third type of person who just wants to.

In June of this year, eleven year old JulieLynn Reardon, who was born with a rare neurological condition called Hemimegalencephaly and is basically a functioning quadriplegic, participated in a Ragnar Relay race. (These are a series of races which are approximately 200 miles in length and are run relay-style with teams of 6 or 12 people). JulieLynn participated in the race with a team that included her parents. When asked why she wanted to do Ragnar, she said, “Why not?”

So, again the question, what makes people go the extra mile? At Advance Financial we do it because that’s our mission — to go above and beyond to help make our customer’s lives easier, better. We’re here to lend a hand to someone who may not can get help anywhere else.

Here are a few of the ways we accomplish this:

  • The majority of our stores are open 24/7/365
  • Our online lending services are always available
  • We have over 50 locations throughout Tennessee
  • We offer free money orders and free bill pay
  • We give back to the community by offering our employees 40 hours of paid volunteer time.

Advance Financial is committed to building long-lasting, strong relationships. Call (615) 341-5900, visit or come in to one our locations and let us go the extra mile with you.

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There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Every second seems to be consumed with things that HAVE to be done – going to work, going to school, picking up children, cleaning the house, paying bills, buying groceries.  There just are no spare minutes.

We Want to Help

That’s why we now offer a quick, secure, discreet option to conveniently process your loans online, from the privacy of your home, office or wherever you are, as long as you have a computer or mobile device.  You can access our online lending system to see how much you can borrow, set up an account, and easily rewrite future loans.  For online lending, you must live in Tennessee and you will need to provide the following:

  • Verifiable ID
  • Most recent pay stub
  • Most recent bank statement

You can scan, email or fax these documents to us. Once your loan amount is approved, and you sign your contract, you have the choice of picking up your cash at one of our 50+ store locations right away or we can deposit the funds directly into your bank account for you (funds usually post in your account the next business day). That’s it’s. You can borrow up to $2,400 without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Quick, simple, easy.

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