What is a Western Union Money Transfer?

Western Union Money Transfer

Tom needs to send money to his daughter who is at college in Knoxville, Tennessee. He does not want to send a check in the mail because the last time he did, his check got lost. After talking with a friend, he decided that the better option for him would be a Western Union Money Transfer. He looks up where he can get a Western Union Money Transfer, and he finds that his local Advance Financial offers them at their store.

He goes into his Advance Financial store and sees Patrick smiling and holding up his “happy to help” paddle. Tom approaches the window. He tells Patrick that he would like to send money to his daughter going to school at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Patrick tells Tom is a huge Vols fan and asks what his daughter is studying. Tom tells Patrick his daughter is studying to become a teacher. Patrick says that his wife is a teacher as well and that it’s a great field to go into. He then goes on to begin processing the Western Union Money Transfer.

He asks Tom for a government-issued ID to begin. Then, he asks him for his name, address, telephone number, date of birth, and identification number such as his social security number.

When Patrick is finished typing all the information into his computer, he asks Tom for the money he wants to send to his daughter. Tom can send $300 to his daughter in Knoxville for a small fee. When Tom leaves, Patrick tells Tom to wish his daughter good luck in her first year in college.

Tom decides that he will be coming back to his local Advance Financial in the future for any money transfers to his daughter. He is more than pleased with the quick and personal customer service that he receives from Patrick.

How to do a Western Union with Advance Financial?

For more information about how to send or receive a Western Union Money Transfer at Advance Financial, please visit Advance Financial and find a store near you. Make sure you have a government-issued photo ID with you at the time of the money transfer purchase. Our team will be happy to assist you throughout the process.

Fees are set at the terminal by Western Union at the time of the transaction. Your Advance Financial representative has all the Western Union details.