Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Christmas Lights

Arguably one of the hardest group of people to shop for each holiday season are the guys in your life. This might be your brother, significant other, dad, or any other guys you buy for. No matter their age, it never gets easier.

Having a quick list of gift ideas for guys on hand can save you a lot of time when the holidays come around each year. This year, we’ve decided to save you the headache, and go ahead and give you that list. Here’s our list of some of our top gift recommendations for guys.


Starting off strong, we have something that everyone uses nearly everyday– a wallet. This is a gift that he might not think to buy for himself. Find one that fits his personality, and that he will actually use. If he is more simple, maybe look at a popup wallet or a money clip. These are smaller and sleeker. You could also choose to splurge, and get him a nice leather wallet.

Car Detailing 

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s a clean car– and men are no expectation. No matter how messy they are, they will love the gift of a clean, detailed car. You can find a local car detailer near you and purchase them a gift certificate for a detailing service.

Travel Toiletries Bag 

Whether the guy you are shopping for travels a lot or not, a toiletry bag is something they can use daily. They can use it to store their comb, toothbrush, face wash or anything in between. Again, this is something they normally would not purchase for themselves, making it a great gift for him. You can find travel toiletries bags for a wide range of prices, so you can decide if you want to splurge on one or find a more budget friendly one.

Wireless Charger 

If he doesn’t already have one, a wireless charger is a great gift idea for any guy. If he has multiple tech items like an apple watch, airpods, and a phone, you can get him one that charges all three simultaneously. It’s a great thing to have on your nightstand so you can just set your tech items on it and rest easy knowing they’ll all be fully charged in the morning. You can find some ideas here.

Cooking Items

Find something he’d use in the kitchen if he loves to cook. Besides…who knows? This is a gift that could benefit you since you might get to enjoy one of his culinary creations.

For the man who loves to grill, you can get him a nice set of grilling spices, or even some grilling utensils. If he loves to make cocktails, there are so many fun bar accessories you can get such as an ice cube mold or a decanter.

Frame a Photo

Another unique gift idea for guys is to print out a photo for them to hang in their space. This can be a photo of the two of you or even just one of their favorite scenery pictures. You can find high quality printed photos on sites like Mpix. This is another great gift for guys since they might not think to purchase home decor. It’s also a gift that they will wake up and see everyday.

We know it can be a challenge to shop for the guys in your life. We hope this gift guide gave you some ideas, and that you can stress a little less about holiday shopping this year. Happy gifting!