Free Date Ideas

Free Date Ideas

Going on dates with your significant other can get very expensive, very fast. When you think of a date, you might think about going to dinner or even a concert. We are here to bust the myth that you have to spend a fortune to have a fun date. That’s why we have listed some of our favorite free date ideas that are equally as fun as any you have to spend money on. 

Take a Hike

Get outside and get some exercise by taking a hike with your partner. This is a great way to get some endorphins and take in some beautiful scenery. Try a trail both of you have never tried before, or enjoy one you both know and love. 

Volunteer Together 

What better way to bond with your significant other than to do something to help someone else. Maybe there’s a cause both of you care about? Or maybe you each pick a different place to volunteer, and you volunteer at each place together. Whatever it is, we can promise you will both leave the date feeling good about the time you spent with one another. 

Have a Game Night 

Having a game night together is a great way to spend quality time together and have fun. Cozy up in your pajamas and even make some hot cocoa or your drink of choice. Bring out your competitive side and see who can win the most games. Tally up you score and even have a prize for the winner.  

Explore a New Neighborhood

Whether you just moved to a new city or have been there for years, try exploring a new neighborhood! This is a great way to experience something new together. Spend time walking around the neighborhood and getting to know it like a local. Walk around the area and even stop to sit at a park or bench to take it all in. 

Camp in Your Backyard 

Camping in your own backyard is a great way to feel like you are on a little getaway without spending any money at all. Don’t have a tent? Sleep under the stars! Bring out your blankets and pillows and cuddle up together! This can be a fun and romantic way to bond with your partner. 

Play a Sport Together 

If there is a sport that you both love or even one that you both want to try, why not make a date of it? Maybe you both have always wanted to try pickleball? Borrow some equipment from someone and go down to your local courts. This is a great way to get exercise while spending time with one another. Again, it also lets you bring out your competitive side!

Have a Movie Marathon 

Staying in and cuddling up together is always a great free date! Put on your comfy clothes and pick out some movies you have always wanted to watch together. This is a great way to spend quality time together without paying anything. Pro tip- have your movie marathon on a rainy day to maximize cozy vibes.