Things to Stop Buying to Save Money

saving money

There are so many things that we purchase often without thinking about it. However, saving every little bit of money we can can really make a huge impact. Here are some things that you should stop buying immediately to save money in the long run.

Bottled Water

Buying bottled water at restaurants or any places you go can be an unnecessary cost. Often, you can just ask for a cup to fill with water instead. If you are going anywhere, it’s important to take a water bottle with you. This not only helps you stay hydrated, but also saves you from having to purchase a water bottle when out. 

Name Brand Food or Clothing

Buying name brand products is something that can cost you unnecessary money. Many times, the generic brand is just as good, if not the same thing. When looking for food, buying the generic brand can cost almost half the amount as buying the name brand. 

When it comes to shopping for clothes, you don’t need to buy the most expensive brand names all the time. Try shopping at places like Old Navy, Target, or TJ Maxx for some great clothing deals. Check out our blog post about how to save money on clothing for more tips and tricks. 


If you are the type of person to buy coffee out a lot, you might want to rethink your spending habits. If you are spending $5 on a coffee everyday, every week, then you are spending a total of $260 a year on coffee. This is a seemingly harmless habit that is actually really expensive. Next time, try to make your coffee at home, and instead use that money somewhere else. 


If you are a big reader, you may be buying a copy of every book you have read. However, there are cheaper options. Your public library is a great place to find nearly every book you could ever imagine. You can also borrow books from a friend since you know they are ones that they like. This will save you about $10-20 dollars a book. 

Excessive Food

Buying food in bulk might seem like a great idea, but you are losing a lot of money when you don’t use it all. Planning your meals ahead of time can ensure that you are using all that you have bought. Check out our blog post about how to meal prep on a budget to see more tips and learn how to eliminate food waste.

Cleaning Supplies

Buying cleaning supplies can get expensive really fast. Most cleaning supplies are able to be made with a few simple ingredients- lemon, baking soda, lemon juice and other household items. 

For example, to clean your tub, all you need is half cup of dawn dish soap, a cup and a half of baking soda, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and a small squeeze of lemon juice. 

Dryer Sheets

Instead, try to use dryer balls when you are drying your clothes. They have the same effect and they are only a one time cost. The savings can add up overtime.