Cashing Checks with Advance Financial

Cashing a Check

Randy wants to cash a check that he received at his new job working in the Nissan plant. He doesn’t have a bank account and wants to know how to get his cash. Randy’s coworkers tell him to take his payroll check to his local 24/7 Advance Financial. They tell him that Advance Financial will cash his payroll check today for little cost.

When Randy walks into his local Advance Financial, he finds Nancy holding a “Happy to Help” sign and wearing a smile. Randy tells Nancy that he just got off work and is trying to get his check cashed before his son’s soccer game. Nancy is able to get his cash quickly. All she needs from Randy is his ID. 

When she has the check verified, she gets him his cash. Nancy wishes him good luck at his son’s soccer game and Randy is able to make it just in time thanks to the quick service at Advance Financial.

What Types of Checks Do We Cash?

At Advance Financial, we cash all types of checks. Whether it’s a payroll check, personal check or anything else, we will cash it. Our fees vary based on the type of check and are regulated by the State of Tennessee. Local payroll and government check cashing rates start at 1%. Fees are available in all our locations, and our associates will be happy to answer any questions you have.