Online Installment Loans in Kansas

Do you need instant cash to pay your bills and meet other necessities? In Kansas, Advance Financial offers FLEX Loans for your monetary needs. FLEX Loans operate as an open end line of credit, where you can borrow up to $4,000.

With Installment Loans, you can borrow up to a maximum sum of $500 that is to be paid in a fixed loan term. Unlike, Installment Loans, FLEX Loans in Kansas allow you to borrow any amount you need within the maximum credit limit. Repayment of FLEX Loans is relaxed and enables you to pay the minimum amount or more on your pay date due date. Installment Loans don’t allow flexible paybacks and you need to repay the debt on the fixed date with fixed amounts. On the other hand, FLEX Loans enable you to pay the interest and fees only on the amount used and from the time borrowed. If you are looking to pay off the loan early, FLEX Loans will allow you to do so with no pre-payment charges. Some Installment Loans charge you for early payments.

To sum up, in Kansas, Advance Financial offers FLEX Loans from $100 up to $4,000 maximum. With Advance Financial you are allowed to borrow the amount you want and pay the interest and fees only on that amount from the time of borrowing. FLEX Loans keep your line of credit open, thus enabling you to withdraw extra cash if you need.

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