Installment Loans Idaho

Struggling with a cash crunch? If you are in Idaho, Advance Financial offers FLEX Loans for your cash needs. A FLEX Loan, unlike an Installment Loan in Idaho, is an open ended line of credit which has a limit up to $4,000.

Installment Loans are unsecured amortizing loans where you can borrow up to maximum $1,000, but with a FLEX Loan, you have a credit limit and you can draw against the credit limit for any amount of money you need, up to the maximum. While the Installment Loan repayment terms are fixed in Idaho and have to end at a certain time, the FLEX Loan is always available with flexible repayments. Unlike an Installment Loan which is a one-time cash advance, you can continuously draw on your line of credit and only pay interest and fees for the amount of money borrowed for the time borrowed. Don’t need the cash anymore, pay it back with no prepayment penalties, like some Installment Loans, and always have your line of credit available.

Summarizing, Advance Financial offers FLEX loans up to $4,000 as a line of credit in Idaho. FLEX Loans allow you to borrow the amount you need and the remaining cash is in your line of credit that can be availed by you whenever you need it. FLEX Loans operate in flexible terms and you are allowed to pay back the loan on your own terms. Unlike Installment Loans, FLEX Loans keep your line of credit open, thus allowing you to withdraw extra cash whenever you need.

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