Advance Financial no longer offers services including check cashing, bill pay, free money orders, prepaid cards, ATM, Western Union and Bitcoin. Please go to Loan Services to learn more about our Flex Loan product.

Check Cashing Services

Advance Financial Local Checking Services TN

Need to cash a check?

What kinds of checks do you cash?

Prior to March 31, 2024, we cashed all types of checks — personal checks, payroll checks, insurance checks, Cashier’s checks, government checks, money orders and more — and gave you cash on the spot.

What do I need to bring with me to cash a check?

Prior to March 31, 2024, all you needed was the check and your photo I.D.

What fee do you charge for cashing a check?

Prior to March 31, 2024, our fees varied based on the type of check and were regulated by the State of Tennessee. Local payroll and government check cashing rates started at 1%. Fees were available in all our locations.

Check Type Rate Minimum Fee
Payroll 1% - 2.99% $3
Government 1% - 2.99% $2
All Other 1% - 5% $5
Money Order 10% $5
Personal 10% $5
Maximum Membership Fee $10
Return Check Fee $20