I Can’t Pay My Phone Bill… What are my options?

man excited because he can pay phone bill

In today’s world, having a cell phone is seen as a necessity. Smartphones used to be seen as a luxury, yet now they help you perform everyday tasks. For example, many people rely on their phones to access the internet and other resources.

We understand that each month, there are many bills to pay, and your cell phone bill is just one on the list. However, you might wonder what happens when worst comes to worst, and you cannot make the payment. Here are some options for you.

Make a Payment Arrangement 

If you are regularly not able to make your payments, you can ask your provider if they have any payment arrangement options available. Chances are, they can make an exception. Typically, they are happy to set up a payment structure that works for you.

Please note that payment plans vary depending on your provider. However, most still offer alternate payment options. Call and find out what your provider can offer.

Check out a Prepaid Option

When you are late on a payment, phone companies tend to add late fees rather than turning your phone off. To avoid this, you can sign up for a prepaid phone plan. With a prepaid phone plan, you pay upfront before you rec uhyjeive the service each month. This way, if you are unable to pay, you will not receive service during that month rather than being charged late fees.

A prepaid phone plan gives you the option to skip service for a period of time rather than getting buried in late fees.

Switch Providers 

If you need help with your current plan, find a different provider that will work within your budget. When you switch providers, you can receive major discounts and sign-on bonuses. This is a great option if your current contract is over or ending soon. Just be sure you are not switching in the middle of a contract to avoid extra fees.

Get a Cash Advance Online or In-Store Today

If you need cash now to pay for an expense such as your phone bill, you can apply for a cash advance with Advance Financial. With a cash advance, you get the cash you need and pay it back as you can. This flexible line of credit stays open, so it’s there whenever you need it. Apply online, or go into any of our store locations throughout Tennessee. If you are not in Tennessee, we still offer options in these states. Check out what your local state offers and apply today!