Five Halloween Costumes that are Easy to Make

Ghost Halloween Costume

Five Halloween Costumes that are Easy to Make

There is nothing worse around this time of year than getting invited to a Halloween party and not knowing what to wear. You might think you have to go out and buy some expensive costume from your local Halloween store, yet, this isn’t the case. We are here to tell you that it can be easier than you think to come up with a costume! It might even be made from things you already have in your closet.

Here are five of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes you can make in a pinch.


One of the easiest costumes you can make right at home is a dalmatian. To make this costume, you will only need a white tee shirt, a black marker, cardboard, and ribbon or string.

To begin, put your tee shirt on a piece of cardboard. Draw circles to outline spots, like on a dalmatian, with your black marker and fill them in with the marker. Once completed, take your cardboard and cut a small piece in the shape of a dog name tag. Write the name you want yourself to be called and punch a small hole in the name tag. Put the ribbon or string through the hole and tie it like a collar around your neck.

Jake from State Farm

We all know and love the Jake from State Farm commercial that became popular a few years ago. This is a simple costume that you can make with the clothes right out of your closet. The only things that are required for this costume is a red polo, name tag, and of course, khakis. Be the talk of the party with this unique and funny costume.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Looking for something to really wow your friends? Try our “raining cats and dogs” costume. We are sure this is something your friends have never seen before, and they will be dying to know how you came up with it.

To begin, find any umbrella you have lying around. Print out the faces of different cats and dogs and cut around so you only have their faces on the paper. Then tie the pictures to a fishing line or any string you have, and attach them to the umbrella. If you want to add an extra something to the costume, wear some rain boots for effect. 

Salt & Pepper

Looking for a couples costume? What goes together better than salt and pepper? This costume is super simple, and we are sure you already have all the supplies at home.

For the salt, just wear a white shirt and cut an “S” out with black paper or cardboard. Attach to the shirt with safety pins or glue it on. Repeat the process with a pepper but this time use a black shirt and cut out a “P” with white paper or cardboard.

Fork in the Road

Another great solo Halloween costume that will have your friends laughing is the “fork in the road costume”. This one could not possibly be easier to make, yet it seems to get the most laughs. All you need for this costume is a black t-shirt, some white paper and a plastic fork. Begin cutting white 2x1in rectangles out of your white paper. Glue them down the center of your shirt in the pattern of a road’s center line.  Then, in the center of one of the two rectangles, glue your fork in between. You may need to use hot glue for this one in order for the fork to stay on the shirt. Enjoy people’s reactions as you tell them what you are at your Halloween party!