Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is sneaking up on us and you need a no-sew costume that is low-effort and low-cost. While that is a tall order, we’ve got your back through anything —  even your costume problem. We’ve come up with six costume ideas for families, couples, kids and yourself that will cost you next to nothing.

Group Costumes


Not only does this costume work for groups of all sizes, but it doesn’t get easier or more low-cost than this. Everyone in your group picks a color of the rainbow and wears a shirt they already have. This costume can also be super comfortable, just a t-shirt and jeans or you can go all out and wear an entire outfit in your color. Make sure to take a picture at your get together!

Pumpkin Patch

This costume is not only great to wear, but also fun to make. Get the family together with their orange t-shirts and some black fabric paint then everyone can paint their own Jack O’ Lantern face. You can pick a shirt with long sleeves or hoodies for colder weather or a t-shirt for warmer weather.

Kids Costumes


For this costume, all you need is a red or pink t-shirt, a piece of cardboard, green ribbon and white fabric paint. Start with putting the cardboard inside the shirt and then drawing dots in the shape of strawberry seeds across it and leave to dry overnight. For the stem, you can tie a ribbon so the bow sits on top of their head. Not only is this costume sweet, but it’s also easy to make!

Sports Star

Dress up like an all-star this Halloween by wearing your favorite team’s jersey or T-shirt. If they’re a football player, be sure to add two stripes of black makeup under their eyes or if they’re a basketball player, add a sweatband. No athlete is complete without a #1 fan, go all out in their team’s colors if you want to dress up with them. Even in the offseason, you can still rep your favorite team!

Adult Costumes

Christmas present

Why wait until after Thanksgiving to celebrate Christmas? Break out the dusty holiday sweater for this costume. You can make it two different ways and all you need to make either is some ribbon, paper and markers.

Step one is to make a gift tag, all you have to do it fold the paper “hot dog” style and then cut the corners off one end. Then, cut a half-circle on the fold between the corners you cut off. When you unfold it, it should look like an extra-large gift tag. Then loop your ribbon through the hole, lay it flat on the floor and write your “To: and From:” message on it.

Step two is to tie a bow around the ribbon and through the hole of your gift tag. From there you can either wear it like a large necklace or make it into a headband to wear on top of your head. Don’t forget to save your new accessory for the ugly sweater holiday party!


This is the easiest costume on the list to make because all you need is a yellow or green t-shirt and white fabric paint. Start with laying your shirt out flat with a piece of cardboard inside of it to keep the sides from sticking together. Then use the fabric paint to draw a half-circle that reaches the middle of your shirt. Lastly, draw the slices of the lemon/lime wedge and you’re costume is complete.

If you’re going to a Halloween party or taking the kids trick-or-treating, all of these ideas are sure to keep the “cost” out of “costume.” Put your own twist on them and your costume is sure to spook! Have a happy and safe Halloween this year!