Installment Loans

Our installment loans are a great supplement to our traditional payday advance. If the payday advance does not meet your full credit needs, consider our installment loan.

Our installment loans carry a fixed-percentage origination fee and payment handling charges, so the fees you pay will vary depending on the amount of your loan. Installment loans are:

  • Non-interest bearing and range from $100 – $2000
  • Paid back in either 4 monthly or 7 bi-weekly installments depending on your pay frequency
  • Able to be refinanced or paid off early at any time. In most cases, refinances and early pay-offs qualify for partial finance charge rebates.

To qualify, you must first take a $425 payday advance and provide a photo ID and verifiable income.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Customer Service or ask one of our store associates for more information about our fee structure.

You can get started by clicking the Get Cash Now button above or by visiting our online loan application.