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Costly repairs. Bills. Unexpected emergencies. Medical expenses. The reasons you could need cash quickly are endless. So are your choices when applying for an online loan in South Carolina. Loans like payday loans, installment loans and title loans can be limiting and might now not be financial solution you need. Advance Financial has a different, better loan option that’s flexible, convenient, provides you with an open line of credit and allows you to repay at your own pace with conveniently scheduled payments that align with your payday. Discover South Carolina’s fast, easy online loan option with approvals ranging from $610 up to a limit of $4,000.

Whether you live in Charleston, Columbia, Myrtle Beach or Greenville, the Advance Financial Flex Loan is South Carolina’s perfect alternative to costly payday loans. The Advance Financial Flex Loan is an open line of credit you apply for just once, then withdraw as much or as little as you need (up to your credit limit). No matter where you are in South Carolina, you’re just a few clicks away from getting the cash you need.

Payday loans limit your options. Not only are you limited by how much you can borrow, but this one-time payment doesn’t allow future cash advances and requires repayment in just weeks. Apply online now for your Advance Financial Flex Loan. The application takes just minutes, you’ll get a loan decision quickly and get your cash the same day*.

We’re here to serve South Carolina 24/7, so call us with any questions or apply online now.

*Bank participation required for same day funding.

Online Flex Loan FAQ’s – South Carolina

What do I need in or order to get an online FLEX loan open line of credit in South Carolina?

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of income
  • Open, active bank account

if you wish to fund your loan electronically

How much can I receive with a FLEX Loan in South Carolina?

Advance Financial can approve loans ranging from $610 up to $4,000, subject to underwriting.

How long do I have before I am required to pay back my loan?

Your FLEX Loan is an open line of credit, so you have the option to pay only the minimum amount due or pay more to reduce your balance quicker. You can pay off your loan early at any time without penalty. Since you only pay interest on the amount you borrow, you can even keep your line of credit open so you can withdraw more money at a later date.

Can I pay off my loan early and are there any penalties to pay my loan early?

You can repay your FLEX loan anytime with no prepayment penalties.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost South Carolina rate chart



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Maximum Rate Schedule #2

Consumer Credit Grantor #1

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