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You’ve Got a Friend…

by Advance Financial | August 1st, 2014

advance financial customer service - friends helping friends

Sunday, August 3rd is Friendship Day, a day originally created for people to celebrate their friendship by sending cards.

But true friendship means more than just sending cards (or being a Facebook friend). True friendship is defined by as “a person who helps or supports someone or something (such as a cause or charity).”

At Advance Financial, our vision for customer service is Friends Helping Friends. This captures who we are. Our owners have built AF to be a company that values our customers, our employees and the communities we serve. Our customers choose us because of our friendly atmosphere. Friends Helping Friends means that we will treat everyone with respect and kindness. It means that we will be upfront with our customers and sincere in our actions.

So, you could be a friend by sending someone a card. But you can also be a friend by lending someone a hand, helping them with yard work, taking them to lunch or just listening to them. The world needs more friends.

When you have a financial need, Advance Financial is always here to help 24/7/365. Our online lending services are always available, so we’re ready and happy to help!

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