Flex Loans Vs. Title Loans

Difference Between an Online FLEX Loan and a Title Loan

There are a lot more advantages with an online Advance Financial FLEX Loan than with a typical Title Loan.

  • The FLEX Loan is an open-end line of credit available whenever you need it, online or in one of our 24/7 stores. Not so with a Title Loan.
  • With a FLEX Loan, you can get up to $4,000. The max you can get with a Title Loan is $2,500.
  • An Advance Financial FLEX Loan is available anytime you need it, 24/7. Not so with a Title Loan. You can get a Title Loan only between 8am and 6pm, M-F.
  • With an Advance Financial FLEX Loan, we will never repossess your vehicle. Can the Title Loan company say that?

While Advance Financial will NOT repossess your vehicle in the event of default, we do reserve the right to:

  • Make collections calls and arrangements via mail, telephone, text message and/or email.
  • Maintain the lien on your vehicle to ensure payment to us in the event of sale, transfer of title or accident.
  • Exercise all other available remedies given by a court of law to include recovery of all charges, costs and expenses, including all collections costs, court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees as allowed by law.

More detailed information can be found under the “Security” sub-section of your Flex Loan Agreement.