Payday Loan Alternative

FLEX Loans or Payday Loans: Benefits of the Best

Have you ever thought of how FLEX Loans are different from Payday Loans and ever wondered if Payday Loans or FLEX Loans fit your needs better?

Let’s look at the differences.

Payday Loans:

  • With Payday Loans, you can only borrow a small amount, only up to a few hundred dollars depending on your state regulations
  • You must repay your Payday Loan by your next payday
  • Payday Loans are for a one-time cash shortage and are conducted as a single transaction
  • Payday Loans typically charge a fee and not interest and in many cases, based on state regulation, may not be prudent.

Flex Loans:

  • FLEX Loans allow you to borrow up to $4,000, which is offered as a line of credit
  • You do not need to borrow the entire amount. Only borrow what you need and the rest stays in your line of credit available to you whenever you need it
  • You only pay interest and fees for the amount you borrow not your entire line of credit
  • FLEX Loans are about flexible tenure. You can repay on your own terms.
  • With FLEX Loans, you can consolidate the debt structure within the flexible tenure.
  • FLEX Loans typically charge a daily interest rate and/or fee thereby ensuring that you only pay for what you have borrowed and only for the time you need the cash

For instance, if you need an immediate cash flow for repairing your car which costs you $2,500, FLEX Loans may be the only option as many state regulations would not allow a Payday Loan for that amount. Advance Financial will provide a FLEX Loan up to $4,000 that easily covers your necessity. Unlike Payday Loans, you can pay the debt off in simple & easy payments. So, with Advance Financial’s FLEX Loan, enjoy your monetary freedom.

The winner is FLEX Loans. With FLEX Loans, it is easy to get funded and paying back is worry-free.

Do you need a FLEX Loan? It’s easy. Apply now for Online Payday Loans Alternative.