Consent to Electronic Communications

In order to complete my transaction with you, I must agree to the terms of this Consent by clicking the “Continue” button.  The following terms and conditions govern electronic communications in connection with my account (the “Consent”).  By electronically clicking “Continue”, I am confirming that I have agreed to the terms and conditions of this Consent and that I have downloaded or printed a copy of this Consent for my records or have the ability to do so.

I agree that any disclosure, notice, record or other type of information that is provided to me in connection with my transaction with CC Flow, a division of Capital Community Bank, and its agents, successors, servicers, sub-servicers and assigns (“Lender”), including but not limited to, the Note, this Consent, the Truth in Lending disclosures set forth in the Note, privacy notices, change-in-term notices, fee and transaction information, statements, delayed disbursement letters, notices of adverse action, state mandated brochures and disclosures, and transaction information (“Communications”), may be sent to me electronically by sending it to me by e-mail or by posting the information at, where I can access my loan information by logging in to my account.

The Lender will not be obligated to provide any Communication to me in paper form unless I specifically request the Lender to do so.  I may request a paper copy of any Communication by calling Lender’s servicer at 1-855-449-4682 or by emailing the Lender in care of Lender’s servicer at [email protected].  Paper copies will be provided to me at no charge.  I also can withdraw my consent to ongoing electronic communications in the same manner, and ask that they be sent to me in paper or non-electronic form.  I agree to provide you with my current e-mail address for notices at the address or phone number indicated above.  If my e-mail address changes, I must send you a notice of the new address by writing to you or sending you an e-mail, using secure messaging, at least five (5) days before the change.

In order to receive electronic communications in connection with this transaction, I will need internet access and a compatible computer running a current version of a Microsoft Windows or an Apple Mac operating system or an iOS or Android device running a current version of the device’s operating system along with a current version of one of the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.  A current version is a version that is being actively supported by its developer and vendor or publisher and includes all security updates at the time I use the operating system and browser to receive electronic communications in connection with this transaction.  I understand that my failure to use the most current operating system and browser could put my electronic information at risk, and that in addition to the above,

I must also take all reasonable precautions specific to my circumstances to protect my electronic information while being accessed over the internet or stored on my computer or device. Also, the specific Internet Browser must support at least 128-bit encryption.  To read some documents, I will need a PDF file reader like Adobe® Acrobat Reader.  If at any time while I remain an active applicant or borrower, these requirements change in a way that creates a material risk that I may not be able to receive Communications electronically, Lender will notify me of these changes. You will contact me via electronic mail using the last known electronic mail address that I have provided.  You may amend (add to, delete or change) these terms by providing me with advance notice.  When I electronically sign this Consent by clicking the “Continue” button, I am confirming that: (1) I have access to a computer system that meets the requirements set forth above; (2) I agree to receive Communications electronically; and (3) I am able to access and print or store information presented to me during this transaction.