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Resolution. Friend or Foe?

by Advance Financial | December 30th, 2014


The holidays are just about over. The only one remaining for 2014 is New Year’s Eve. A night when we celebrate the past year and look forward to the hope of a bright new year just east of 11:59 pm.Thousands of people also make new year’s resolutions, a promise to oneself to make changes, usually for the better, in the upcoming 365 days. These lists include things like losing weight, quitting a bad habit, saving money, etc. The list goes on and on.But somewhere between January 1 and say maybe February 15, most of those hoped for promises tend to blow out the proverbial window. So, you ask, how do I make a list and stick to it? Here are a few suggestions:
  • Be realistic. You’re probably not going to lose 100 pounds, but you might lose 25. Or better yet, break it down to 1-2 pounds a month. A shorter-term goal is always easier to attain.
  • Ask for help. If you’re trying to quit smoking, join a support group or talk to your doctor to see if there’s anything that can help with the process. Be open to new things.
  • Be accepting of mistakes. If you’ve committed to eating better, be nice to yourself. If you have a cookie, there’s no need to get a stick out and start beating yourself up. The only thing that’s accomplished by this is a feeling of failure. And when I feel like a failure I want to eat a cookie.
  • Be patient. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • Be intentional. If your resolution is to “be happy,” then find ways to be happy. When you get up in the morning, making a list of all the things for which you’re grateful. A grateful person is a happy person.
  • Write it down. Put your goals on sticky notes and attach to your mirror to be seen every morning while you’re brushing your teeth.
These are just a few ideas. Be creative and come up with some of your own. Remember, none of us are perfect. The idea is to keep trying. Change is a life-long process. The idea is to begin that process.We at Advance Financial wish you a very safe and happy holiday and look forward to serving you in 2015.Photo Credit: The Globzer
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by Advance Financial | October 9th, 2014

october is breast cancer awareness month

Every October marks the annual campaign for Breast Cancer awareness. Many people are aware of the disease since it’s impact has been far reaching, but October signifies an increased push to take the necessary steps to fight back.The fight back can be in the form of creating an early detection plan. Did you know that when breast cancer is detected early, in the localized stage, the five year survival rate is 98%? That’s why creating an early detection plan is essential, and you should encourage friends and family members to create their plan.Another part of the fight back can be raising money for a charitable organization, such as the Susan G Komen Organization. This organization helps raise money to support those fighting the disease, and to fund the research to help make the breakthrough to end breast cancer forever.Here are some of the things you can do to help:
  • Participate in the Race for the Cure: Join thousands of others (and the Advance Financial Track Team!), and show your support by walking or running this October 25th in Nashville.
  • Running not your thing? Out of town on race weekend? You can do your bit by participating in the Sleep In for the Cure.
  • Want to try something a little more attention grabbing? Try wearing a tutu! The Do You Tutu is a great way to have fun and create awareness all at the same time.
  • If none of the above appeal to you, you can always donate, and help fund the research to eliminate breast cancer. There are multiple ways to donate. You can either donate money to an individual or a team, send a general donation, or if you’re an employer, you can double your impact with matching gifts.
  • Alternatively, you can volunteer at an event. Volunteers play a crucial role in a successful raceday, and being a part of these events can be a rewarding experience, even if it’s your first time.
It’s time to put an end to breast cancer once and for all. Whether it’s donating your time, giving a gift, participating in a race, or even wearing a tutu – every little bit helps. Together we can all make a difference.
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