One-Of-A-Kind Corporate Certification To Further Community Support By Advance Financial Foundation

Being a responsible corporate citizen by giving back to the communities it serves is central to Advance Financial’s mission, which is why the Nashville-based financial services company created the Advance Financial Foundation in 2014. On Thursday, Advance Financial took the next step in community engagement with Vice President of Community Outreach Shantrelle Johnson being named one of 2,000 people globally to obtain the Corporate Citizenship Practice Certification.

“Giving back — to our employees and to our community — is a top priority for Advance Financial, so when Shantrelle proposed the idea of the certification, we were all in,” said Tina Hodges, Advance Financial’s chief executive and chief experience officer. “We are thrilled about how this national recognition of Shantrelle’s expertise will contribute to the important work of the Advance Financial Foundation.”

As a board member and the current treasurer for the Volunteer Tennessee Commission, it is Ms. Hodges’ belief that corporations must take a leadership role in promoting volunteerism and community service initiatives and partnerships throughout the state. Ms. Johnson’s elite certification will help Advance Financial to understand and meet the community needs on an even deeper level.

With Ms. Johnson at the helm, the Advance Financial Foundation supports philanthropic community efforts in three areas: education, health and employees in need of assistance. The Foundation has partnered with more than 35 organizations and events in Tennessee including the Chattanooga JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.

Ms. Johnson earned her Corporate Citizenship Practice Certification from Boston College, completing classes and training sessions across the country over the past two years. Training included courses on designing a corporate citizenship strategy, measuring and evaluating corporate citizenship initiatives and the fundamentals of communication. Approximately 2,000 people throughout the world have completed Boston College’s Corporate Citizenship Practice Program since it began in 1985.

The Corporate Citizenship Practice certification will serve Ms. Johnson in her role as vice president of community outreach, aiding her in audience identification, channel selection, message development and strategy for the Advance Financial Foundation. The certification was fully funded by Advance Financial.

“I’m honored to receive this certification, as Boston College boasts one of the top programs in the country for corporate citizenship. And I’m grateful to have reached this milestone with the support of my Advance Financial family,” says Johnson. “It is a huge step toward making the Advance Financial Foundation the best it can be.”

Original Source: The Chattanoogan