Be Pro Be Proud Partners with Advance Financial to Offer Area Teens an Exciting Learning Opportunity

Nashville, TN, [March 15, 2024] – On Saturday, March 30, the Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop will make a stop at Advance Financial in Fayetteville, Tennessee at 2009 Wilson Parkway.

The mobile workshop gives teens hands-on experience in skilled workforce jobs such as welding, construction, heavy machinery, forestry, and more. The workshop is a custom-manufactured, expandable semi-trailer filled with cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality technical career simulators.

The demand for skilled workforce jobs has never been higher with the current workforce in Tennessee and across the country reaching retirement age. The Be Pro Be Proud initiative addresses the growing realization that successful careers do not always require a traditional college education. By providing hands-on learning experiences and direct exposure to various trades, it empowers students to make informed decisions about their futures based on a wider array of options. This not only fulfills the immediate needs of the skilled trade industry but also strengthens the economy by cultivating a skilled workforce prepared to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

By highlighting the value and potential of skilled trades, the program is not only expanding the horizon of career opportunities for young individuals but also addresses the critical workforce shortages affecting various industries. This innovative approach is a testament to the evolving landscape of career development, where vocational training and skilled trades are gaining deserved recognition and respect, counterbalancing the longstanding emphasis on four-year college degrees.

“Be Pro Be Proud Tennessee is a cutting-edge mobile workforce development initiative working to recruit the next generation of Tennessee’s skilled workforce,” said Sarah Burnett with the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce. “This program has already impacted over 8,000 students across Tennessee, and we are so grateful to Advance Financial for their partnership and support.”

“We are delighted to bring the Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop to Fayetteville. As President Reagan once said, I believe the best social program is a job. The mobile workshop provides hands-on experience for multiple skilled professions. We hope to help folks in our communities discover exciting and profitable careers available right here in Tennessee,” said Tina Hodges, Advance Financial Chief Executive & Chief Experience Officer.

The event will run from 11 am – 3 pm. Advance Financial will give the first 100 visitors FREE LUNCH from Heart of TX Tacos and 105.5 WYTM will be broadcasting from 11 am – 1 pm.

For more information go to or CLICK HERE to see their video and find out what Be Pro Be Proud is all about.