Advance Financial no longer offers services including check cashing, bill pay, free money orders, prepaid cards, ATM, Western Union and Bitcoin.

Advance Financial is now offering free bill pay services

Nashville, Tennessee Advance Financial, a Nashville based financier and retailer with more than 50 locations in the state of Tennessee, is now offering Free Bill Pay services. At other retailers or kiosks, payments would cost anywhere from $.50 to $5.00 per bill. This would add up to a several hundred dollars each year, which are now avoidable with Advance Financial’s Free Bill Pay services. AF’s extensive list of 1500+ payees including utility, vehicle, telecom, credit companies, etc., free money orders and affordable cash checking provide a one-stop solution for all financial services. Tina Hodges, Chief Executive and Experience Officer of Advance Financial, said, “We are happy to invest in Free Bill Pay services and continue providing economic options to our customers. This is an important step in the financial industry as it makes a traditional banking service available to everyone.” Every month, Advance Financial’s customers make an average of 10,000 bill payments. Based on this data, it is estimated that AF manages about 20% of such transactions in the region. AF’s Free Bill Pay services do not require signing agreements or establishing accounts and customers can choose to pay once or multiple times anytime of the day as AF functions 24/7.