Hillwood High School and Advance Financial Welcome NBC News Anchor Brian Williams

April 14, 2014 | Nashville Today, Advance Financial congratulated the graduating class of Hillwood Comprehensive High School and joined them in welcoming NBC’s Nightly News anchor, Brian Williams, who was present for the occasion as the graduation commencement speaker. The corporate leadership of Advance Financial along with all the Hillwood graduates sent a letter to the Dr Steve Chauncy, Principal of Hillwood High School, congratulating him on securing Brian as the speaker for the graduation ceremony of the class of 2014 which is to be held on the 22nd of May. Tina Hodges, CEO of Advance Financial (Hillwood 1993), said, “Hillwood has always been one of Nashville’s best. Their commitment to educating the future leaders of Nashville is second to none. I feel very fortunate to be a Hilltopper. The Hillwood community including the students, parents, teachers and staff are very appreciative of Brian for his support to one of the best schools in the nation.” Mike Hodges, Chairman of Advance Financial (Hillwood 1990), agreed. He added, “We have forever been proud to be educated by true public servants from Hillwood. It’s because of these wonderful educators that we stand as successful business leaders, parents and teachers.” “Brian Williams is trusted for his insights and forthright approach. Being a Hillwood alum, I am very grateful that students from my alma mater will receive their final lesson from him. We are all thankful to him for choosing to come to Nashville to enlighten our students,” said Bryan Link, President and CIO of AF. Bryan belongs to the Hillwood class of ’89. Other notable alumni from Hillwood who are currently a part of Advance Financial include Pat Conroy, CFO (Hillwood ’88), and Shantrelle Johnson, VP of Community Outreach (Hillwood ’90).