Advance Financial Finds A New Abode

Jan 30, 2015

Advance Financial is planning to move its head office to the Boot Factory. The lease has been signed and the company is to occupy about 21,873 sq. feet. The Boot factory was formerly an industrial warehouse that was revamped by the real estate developer Chas. Hawkins Co. AF’s new space at this building is 90 Oceanside Drive near 8th Avenue and it will house about a hundred Advance Financial employees. The current headquarters is located at 19th and Church. The Director of Asset Management for Advance Financial, Anderson Jarman said, “After visiting the Boot Factory, we knew that it was the perfect place for the next phase of Advance Financial’s development.” Previously, the Boot factory was occupied by The General Shoe Co. AF was represented by Charles Warner of Baker Storey McDonald Properties Inc. and Bo Tyler of Jones Lang LaSalle in the lease negotiations. Advance Financial is a family-owned business having 58 stores that operate 24/7/365 and offers lines of credit, cash checking, wire-transfers, free bill pay services, money orders, etc. Original source: The Tennessean