Advance Financial Donates $100,000 to the National Museum of African American Music

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 10, 2022 – The Advance Financial Foundation, the charitable arm of fintech company Advance Financial, recently committed to a four-year, $100,000 sponsorship to the National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) for the “From Nothing to Something” Program.

The From Nothing to Something Program is a series of one-hour workshops consisting of one of six musical presentations: Spoons, Harmonica, Cigar Box Guitars, Banjo and Washtub Bass. The program is led by artists and each presentation focuses on a singular instrument. Students will learn and explore the musical history, techniques, and other exciting stories and facts throughout each lesson.

“The Advance Financial Foundation’s four-year commitment of support for our From Nothing to Something program will allow us to expand our reach through both in person and digital versions of the program,” said Tamar Smithers, NMAAM Director of Education. “We very grateful for this support.”

“Our foundation has a strong focus on education and health initiatives,” stated Brittni Walker, Executive Director of the Advance Financial Foundation. “We are honored to support a program that will serve as an educational tool for students in our community, which aligns with our goal of supporting organizations that are growing the minds of our children.”

NMAAM is located at 510 Broadway in Nashville and is the only museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating the many music genres created, influenced, and inspired by African Americans. The museum’s expertly-curated collections share the story of the American soundtrack by integrating history and interactive technology to bring the musical heroes of the past into the present. The museum is open 9-5 daily.

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