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Advancing Education Scholarship Form

Scholarship Criteria

Chief among Advance Financial’s activities is its dedication to education. Advance Financial supports and funds a variety of educational initiatives. These programs are focused on improving the quality of education for pre-school, grade school, and high school students, and on making college more accessible to high school graduates.

Below is the criteria for students applying for the scholarship:

Please fill out all fields in the form below. We will be accepting applications from January 15th through March 30th.  

Student Information

Full Name:

Street Address:



Zip Code:


Phone Number:


High School Information

High School Name:

High School Graduation Date:

High School GPA:

Cumulative ACT Score:

Postsecondary School Information

Date to Enter College:

Name of College Attending or Applying to:

Type of School:

Anticipated Degree:

Major Course of Study:

Activities, Awards & Honors

Tell us about your school and volunteer (unpaid) community activities during the past four years (examples: student government, sports, music, scouts, hospital volunteer). For each activity, indicate the number of years of participation, leadership positions or offices held, and awards and honors received.

Goals and Aspirations

Tell us about your educational and career goals and objectives:

Unusual Circumstances

If applicable, describe how and when any unusual personal or family circumstances have affected your achievement in school, work, or your participation in school or community services.

Other Grants and Scholarships

Provide information about your other grants and scholarships that are applicable to the upcoming academic year only. Total amount of other grants or scholarships you have been awarded for the 2015-2016 academic year: