Party Like It’s 1776!

Sick of the same old sparklers and hot dogs? Change it up this year with these fun and low-cost recipes, games and decorations so you can throw the best BBQ on the block!

Broad Stripes and Bright Ideas

Land of the Sweet, Home of the Brave!

There’s nothing sweeter than a celebration! Show off your cooking skills (or fake it ‘til you make it) with these red, white and blue recipes.

Fourth of July Popcorn

There’s no better combo than popcorn, white chocolate and sprinkles. Get your Fourth of July BBQ poppin’ with this sweet and salty snack

No-Bake Cheesecake

Making this red, white and blue dessert is a piece of cake. It only takes 15 minutes to sprinkle some extra fun into your Fourth of July party!

Patriotic Punch

Life, liberty and the pursuit of punch! Keep everyone refreshed with this tasty non-alcoholic drink. 

Yankee Doodle Decorate

Your guests are coming, your guests are coming! Let freedom ring with these America themed red, white and blue crafts. 

Cardboard Roll Flag

Do you always wonder what to do with the cardboard inside of the toilet paper roll? If you’re not recycling it, upcycle it! This patriotic craft is perfect to hang on the door to welcome all your friends to the hottest BBQ on the block. 

Yard Spangled Banner

You can never have too much red, white and blue! Use this grass-friendly chalk spray and a DIY star-shaped stencil to create this Revolutionary party decoration.

Balloon Flag

You don’t have to be Betsy Ross to make this awesome balloon flag! Simply tape up some red, white and blue balloons in the shape of the American flag and create the perfect patriotic background for everyone’s photos. 

Stars, Stripes and Smiles

Throw the best party from Sea to Shining Sea with these fun activities.

Red, White and Balloon Toss

Don’t throw away those extra balloons. Use them for a red, white and balloon toss! Simply fill some balloons with water and make sure everyone has a partner. Every time you toss your balloon back and forth, take one step apart. If you drop the balloon, you’re out!

Fourth of July Trivia Game

Are you a history buff? You and your friends can test your knowledge with a fun Fourth of July Trivia game! We’ve put together all the questions and answers you need for a great (and free!) party activity. Check it out here!

Patriotic Tie Dye T-Shirts

Why buy a patriotic shirt when you can make one? Have your friends bring their own white t-shirts to the BBQ — all you have to do is supply the dye. Everyone will leave the party with a shirt they can wear to next year’s July 4th celebration!

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