How to Get an Online Line of Credit

Applying for an online line of credit

Greg is needing to get cash quickly to pay for his father’s funeral expenses. He already has the emotional and mental burden of his father’s passing, and he doesn’t want to have to worry about the financial stress that comes with a funeral.

Greg doesn’t have the funds to pay for the funeral right now but knows that he will have them when he gets paid next week. His friend tells him to check into an online line of credit with Advance Financial. He looks up their website and finds the quick and easy application in process. He decides he wants to get a line of credit and can apply within minutes. All he needs for the application is an ID and proof of income, so he sends them his ID and pay stub. He gets approved the same day and his money is deposited directly into his checking account.*

Greg is able to get the cash he needs for his father’s funeral. The next week, when some of the craziness has passed, he can pay off his loan when he gets his paycheck. Greg is thankful for the easy application process, and the world-class customer service from Advance Financial.

 How to get an Online Line of Credit with Advance Financial

At Advance Financial, we know that life can throw a lot at you when you are least expecting it. If you are needing a little extra cash in your pockets, you can apply for an online line of credit today with Advance Financial.

To apply online click on “Get Cash Now” at the top of the page. Depending on your state, you will be offered a line of credit or an installment loan to get the cash you need. You can pay it off as you are able. And best of all– our team will be here to answer all your questions and offer a world-class customer experience throughout the process.

*bank participation required