Healthy and Cheap Meal Ideas

healthy and cheap dinner recipes

Often we think eating healthy has to cost us a pretty penny. However, in reality, this is far from true. Rather, cooking healthy meals on a budget can be easier and cheaper than you think. Try these recipes the next time you are looking for a cheap and healthy meal.

Stuffed Zucchini Boat 

If you are looking for something that is both healthy and cheap, try making stuffed zucchini boats. All you need is zucchini, veggies, meat, and a bit of cheese to top it off. Hollow out your zucchini into a boat, and fill them with your choice of meat and veggies!

This is a hearty meal that is filled with lots of nutritious ingredients. Try using canned veggies which are cheaper, yet still just as nutritious as fresh. As for meat, try using ground turkey which is both healthier and cheaper than ground beef. You can find a recipe for stuffed zucchini boats here.

Veggie Scrambled Eggs

Looking for a quick and easy breakfast idea that is filling and healthy? Try taking your basic scrambled eggs and adding your favorite veggies. Buy a bag of spinach to add or any veggies you have lying around. This is an amazing way to get in your protein, greens, and other veggies. Try this recipe the next time you are searching for what to make for breakfast.

Skillet Turkey and Spinach Lasagna 

Most people know lasagna is a cheap way to feed a crowd. Don’t have a crowd to feed? Just freeze it and save it for another day.

One way to make your lasagna healthier is to add spinach and make it with turkey. These are both cheap ingredients that will give you substance but won’t break the bank. You are still getting that hearty lasagna we all know and love but with a healthy twist. Check out this recipe for skillet turkey and spinach lasagna!

Chicken Fajitas

Who said healthy and cheap can’t be full of flavor? These Chicken Fajitas are packed with flavor and all things that are good for your body too! All you need are some tortillas, chicken, veggies, and some spices to make a fajita seasoning. Switch up Taco Tuesday or even have Fajita Friday with these to die for fajitas!

Fancy Ramen  

We all know ramen noodles are a go-to budget friendly meal. Yet, ramen noodles have the reputation of not being one of the most healthy meals due to the high amounts of sodium and MSG in the flavoring packet.

Don’t worry! We found a healthy twist to one of everyone’s favorite thrifty meals. Try any of these recipes that are packed with a lot of flavor without using the flavor package that contains MSG and high sodium.

Next time you are posed with the question of how to make a meal that is not only cheap but also healthy, try these. There are so many different ways you can make healthy recipes on a tight budget and these are just the start!