Graduation – Elation or Frustration?

Graduation Day Image

College graduations are taking place right and left this time of year. It’s been four long years (or more for some) of selecting classes, all night studying, and taking tests. For some, the excitement of beginning their professional lives is thrilling. But for others, graduation means the dread of not knowing where you’re going to find a job.

While the job market is getting better, graduates are still finding it difficult to acquire work. According to The Labor Department, last year 260,000 college graduates were working at or below the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. This isn’t good news, especially with student debt steadily climbing.

With graduates not being able to find jobs and six times as many working retail, that’s where Advance Financial comes in. We are growing faster than any other company in the area. That means great opportunities and awesome earnings potential for people who want to be part of the Advance Financial team. Moreover, advancement to managerial positions is generally available within 3-6 months.

One of our recently hired employees, a graduate of MTSU, was contacted by the school business office to inquire about her job search. She gladly reported that she had been hired by us. She was then told that of the people contacted by their office, Advance Financial was one of the top three companies hiring recent graduates. That’s pretty amazing.

If you’re leaving college and looking for a place to land, check out our Job Center page. Advance Financial was named a Top Workplace by the Tennessean, one of America’s fastest growing companies by Inc.Magazine and Best in Business by the Nashville Business Journal. We’re full of people who love what they do. If that sounds like the right fit for you, join the Advance Financial team today.

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