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Guide to a TN Vacation on Budget

by Advance Financial | May 25th, 2017


It’s a time to de-stress, have some fun, and spend quality time with your loved ones. However, for a lot of families a vacation can really set them back financially. You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to a great vacation and that’s why we put this guide together. All activities are budget friendly and sure to make for an awesome trip with great memories.

Don’t let your finances hold you back!

This guide is loaded with freebies and budget friendly activities, but the price for hotels, food, and gas can really add up. Advance Financial is here to help when money is tight. Come into one of our 70+ stores open 24/7 or Click Here to get the cash needed to start making great memories.

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Nashville Round Trip Flights Under $200

by Advance Financial | August 11th, 2016


If you think it’s too late to take a summer vacation, you’re wrong. You still have time to hit the beach, the amusement parks, or wherever your desired destination may be. And right now is an even better time to get out of town because Southwest Airlines is running some great deals on flights. To help with your planning we have created the breakdown below of cities you can get round trip flights for under $200 in the months of August and September. For More information visit




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Your Guide to a 4th of July in Nashville

by Advance Financial | June 28th, 2016



Made plans for the 4th of July yet? The City of Nashville puts on one of the largest Independence Day celebrations in the country. With tons of activities and excitement going on downtown, Music City is definitely the place to be to celebrate the 4th. And so you don’t miss out on any of the fun, we have put together a list of all the best events to take part in this weekend. And be on the lookout for the huge Advance Financial “Let Freedom Sing” picture frame downtown on July 4th, where you can get a free picture taken with the City as your backdrop.

Music City July 4th Downtown Event

It’s not a Nashville party without amazing live music, and did we mention it’s FREE! There will be multiple concerts downtown from 3:00pm to 8:00pm on Sunday July 3rd, and again from 12:00pm to 9:20pm on Monday July 4th. . With multiple food vendors, games, and inflatable fun for the kids, there is something for everyone going on downtown this weekend. And don’t forget about the famous fireworks show. The show, put on by the city, has been ranked as the largest fireworks performance in the country and is a must see.

Music City Hot Chicken Festival

This will be the 10th year for the Hot Chicken Festival and they’re doing it even bigger this year. The event will go on from 11am to 3pm at East Park with the best hot chicken in town, cold beer, and other vendors. Of course there will be live music going on all day and it’s free to attend. For more information on this event, click here.

Music City July 4th 5K/10K

Take a run through the city of Nashville decked out in red, white, and blue in celebration of Independence Day. The race will start at Public Square Park with the options of doing the 5k or 10k run. Registration is between $25-$55. For more information on this event, click here. 

Thirth of July

Celebrating the day before the 4th, this annul event is a huge block party with food, drinks and music. The party takes place on North 12th Street between Ordway Place and Calvin Avenue and tickets are $15 each. For more information on this event, click here.

TailGate Beer Fireworks Show

TailGate Beer will be putting on an Independence Day Party on Sunday, July 3rd, from 12pm to11pm. The event will include live music, craft beer, pizza, and a great fireworks show starting at 9:00pm. This is a family-friendly party and guests are welcomed to bring chairs and blankets for the fireworks show. For more information on this event, click here.

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Easy Tips to Save Up for Vacation

by Advance Financial | June 21st, 2016


It’s officially summer! Time to start planning for a much needed break from the day-to-day hustle. Whether you’re dreaming of relaxing on a beach or hitting up some theme parks with the kids, if your finances are low then dreaming is all you’ll be doing. Getting the money to make that dream vacation a reality can be done with some of these easy money saving tips to incorporate in your daily life.

And if you’ve saved as much as possible but still need a little extra, Advance Financial can help you get the cash needed. Get approved for our FLEX Loan fast by applying here –


Trade fun now for fun later

Cut out any monthly subscriptions or memberships that you can go without until you save up enough for the trip. This can be magazines, cable TV, streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, or even gym memberships and kids lessons like dance or karate. You can even downgrade on some items instead of completely cutting them out. And remember, it’s just temporary. Once you get the money saved up you can go right back to all of them.

Eat out less

You can read multiple articles on how to save money, and we guarantee that they all will say to eat out less. That’s because eating out adds up fast, especially if you have kids. And don’t think that just because you are eating out less means you have to cook every night. While, yes, you will be spending more time prepping meals, you also can take advantage of the convenience and price of frozen dinners.

Travel during off-season

You can save big money by simply going on vacation during the off-season when there are fewer people traveling. Hotels, airfare, resorts and cruises will all be substantially cheaper based on the time of year and destination. Make sure and research when the peak season is for your destination and plan accordingly. Something to note is that most traveling expenses will increase around holidays like July 4th due to so many people getting extra days off.

Make an accurate budget

Try to get as detailed as possible when it comes to every expense and cost for the vacation you are planning. Once you know exactly how much you need, you then can set a monthly savings goal. Having an actual dollar amount you’re working towards will also help to get motivated and disciplined at obtaining your goal. It’s also a good idea to set up a separate savings account specifically for your vacation. This way it’s easier to see progress.

Avoid the grocery store

Just one week a month. Obviously if you stop eating out your going to need to buy groceries, but a lot of times we can over stock our pantry. Try going one week eating whatever is in your cupboards and not spending anything at the grocery store or on eating out. It might be tricky and you’re going to have to get creative on making meals, but you will be surprised how much you will actually save.

 Use a prepaid card for everything

Instead of using your debit card, use an Advance Financial NetSpend card for everything you spend. Calculate out how much money you will need for the week and put only that amount on the card. Not only will it allow you to be more disciplined with only spending what you need to, you will also rack up rewards points that can be used for your trip. Come into one of our stores to get yours today.

Get your tax refund early

If you usually get a hefty tax refund, then you are having too much tax taken out of each paycheck. Instead of waiting until the end of the year to get the money back that you overpaid, simply re-file your w4 form with your employer so the amount taken out is more accurate to what you owe in taxes. Come payday, you will see the increase in cash, which you can transfer straight over to your vacation savings account.

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Avoid the Crowds: Best Places to Go this Memorial Day Weekend

by Advance Financial | May 17th, 2016


Since 1971, the last Monday in May has been recognized as Memorial Day, a federal holiday to remember those who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. Most people end up getting a 3-day weekend because of the holiday, which in turn means a lot of traveling. According to AAA Travel, last year 37.2 million Americans took a trip 50 miles or more for Memorial Day weekend. 37.2 million travelers means a lot of traffic and crowds to fight, and that stress is not something you want to be part of your 3-day vacation.

To help you in your quest for a crowd-free Memorial weekend we have compiled a list of the best places to go to lessen the stress of planning a trip. And if price is another stressor, we can help there as well. Advance Financial can get you the money you need fast with our FLEX Loan. Even if you’re planning your trip last minute, we are open 24/7 so you can come in or go online anytime.

Colonial Beach, Virginia

If it’s the beach you want, you’re going to have to accept a couple extra people to be crowding around you on the sand. Colonial Beach will still have an influx of vacationers grabbing a spot on the sandy shoreline, but it won’t be nearly as bad as some of the more popular destinations like Myrtle Beach or Destin.

 Buffalo National River, Arkansas

So you’ve decided that the beach is just too much of a gamble, but you still need to be close to a body of water. The Buffalo River is your ticket to low crowd relaxing while floating on an inner tube. The River flows freely for 135 miles and is a combination of fast-flowing rapids and quiet pool.

Saint Louis, Missouri

Memorial Weekend for Saint Louis means the local residents are fleeing to the southern shores, making it the perfect time to visit. The city is filled with tons of entertainment where you won’t have to wait in lines. From theme parks to live music shows, the city has lots of options to choose from to ensure your Memorial Weekend will be memorable.

New York, New York

Memorial weekend is one of the calmest times of the year for New York. Locals are rushing to get out to the beaches, which leaves the city a lot less crowded. New York also has a lower rate of tourist during this time due to the weather and people wanting to kick off their summer close to the beach.


Yep that’s right, stay home. If you live anywhere that a beach is not present then the crowds are likely to be low. Even just going an hour away to a closer city with more to offer can be an option. There are loads of things to do in your own neck of the woods, you just got to get out and explore. An essential tool for a staycation is an app like Living Social to help make all your activity possibilities a little more visible.

Photo Credit:Liz Lawley

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