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The Secrets to Saving Even More at Walmart

by Advance Financial | May 18th, 2017


Love it or hate it, Walmart is one of the largest super markets in the U.S. and their competitively low prices are what draws so many people to the retail giant. It’s no secret that you can save a substantial amount of money by choosing to shop at Walmart over stores like target, but did you know there are even more ways to save. Below you will find some of the secrets to rolling down those prices even more.


1. Utilize the Price Matching Policy

Part of Walmart’s lowest price guarantee is their promise to price match any of their competitors prices. This means if another retailer has an item for a cheaper price, you can bring in the advertisement or a screenshot of the deal online and they will match the price.

This also goes for their own website. If a product is listed for a lower price on than in the store, they will honor the price listed online.


2. Use a Gift Card for Gas

The Walmart Gas Gift Card is a sure fire way to save on gas. Get a discount on gas at any Murphy’s USA Gas station when you pay with a Walmart Gas Gift Card. You can add any amount from $10 – $1,000 to the card. The amount you can save per gallon changes throughout the year, but right now you can save 3 cents per gallon when using the card.


3. Hold Out for the Last Mark Down

If you want to know when an item has been marked down to its lowest amount, you got to look at the last digit in the price. Yep, Walmart uses a numbers code that distinguishes what level of clearance an item is. Items with prices ending in 7 are the original price. Items with prices ending in 5 are the first markdown, and Items with prices ending in 1 are the final markdown. So if an item is still fully stocked and it’s priced at 5.95, hold off a couple of days and the price will drop even more.


4. Download the App

Another easy way to utilize even more savings at Walmart, is using their app. The app lets you create shopping lists, check in-store and online prices and availability, look at the weekly ad and more. On of the best features is the Savings Catcher. You simply scan your receipt using the app and it will compare prices at local stores, including current advertised sale prices. If there is a lower price at another store, Walmart will credit you the difference on a gift card.


5. Get a Free $10 Gift Card is a site that pays you to print coupons and shop online. Right now they are running a deal where if you spend $20 at Walmart they will send you a $10 gift card. It’s extremely easy. All you have to do is Sign up for MyPoints, follow the directions on how to use the site, and spend $20 on And that’s It!


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49% Off Valvoline Oil Change

by Advance Financial | April 13th, 2017


DEAL FINDER ALERT!!!! Right now you can get 49% off an oil change from Valvoline. This deal is being offered on and is a limited time offer, so make sure and purchase this coupon quick before it runs out.

Click Here to get this deal.

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Get 44% off Weight Loss Program

by Advance Financial | March 22nd, 2017


Right now you can get 44% off a custom weight loss program at Music City Weight Loss. This deal is available on Click below to get the details and purchase this offer.

Get 44% off Weight Loss Program

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Apps That Help You Save While You Shop

by Advance Financial | October 4th, 2016


Is the age-old tradition of coupon clipping still part of our weekly routine? Put down the scissors and walk away from the weekly store ads cause there is a better way to save. Stop the tedious searching for coupons and promo codes and download apps that find the deals for you. Not only will you save time but you will also find deals you might not have even realize existed. Here are some of the best apps to start using while shopping.


1. Jet

With the goal to build a better shopping experience for their customers, you can save tons by using the Jet app. With their real-time savings engine, the prices drop as you shop. You can get everything from toilet paper to bed sheets on Jet and the more items you add to your cart that have a tag symbol beside them, the lower the price will drop for each item. So buying in bulk for items like toilet paper, toothpaste and granola bars will save you more. The price per item also drops when you opt out for free returns, and pay with a debit card instead of a credit card.


2. Retail Me Not

Score deals at your favorite stores and restaurants with the award-winning app that makes it easy to save with thousands of deals from over 50,000 retailers. The app syncs with your map to notify you of the best deals near you. Whether you’re on vacation in a new city or just driving through your neighborhood, the app will alert you when a deal is near.


3. Shop Advisor

The Shop Advisor app does just what its name suggests, it advises you when the price is just right to purchase. You simply create a list of items you are interested in purchasing and the system watches that item and alerts you when the price drops the lowest online.


4. PriceGrabber

This app scans the prices on all sites that carry a specific item you’re shopping for and gives a full comparison report. The app gives you the bottom-line price, taking into consideration the shipping cost for an item. You can also simply scan a bar code of a product to get a quick, real-time view of where to purchase an item at the cheapest price.


5. Wallaby

If you take advantage of reward programs on credit cards, then you can double your rewards with the Wallaby app. When shopping for items online, the Wallaby system will scan your shopping cart and compare them with your credit card reward programs and tell you which card to use for what items, getting you the highest reward points possible. You can also set up notifications for when you’re getting close to your credit limit or when it’s time to pay a bill.

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Your Guide to Scoring Free Stuff Online

by Advance Financial | August 25th, 2016


Getting some of your favorite name brand items for free is easier than you might think. There are multiple sites that offer free samples of household products, beauty products, food, and many other items. What’s the catch? They simply want your email address. But along with boxes of free samples, you will also get tons of spam sent to the email you signed up with.


So here is the deal. When you’re signing up for free samples you’re also signing up for your information (name, address, email) to be used by companies to send you promotional marketing material. You will usually have to take a short survey when signing up, which consists of questions like your age, gender, and household income, or how often you eat out. The work-around is to create a new email address with the sole purpose of being used to sign up for free samples. This way your personal email address won’t be bombarded with newsletters and weekly deals from stores you never signed up with and you’ll still get all the free samples. You can even create a completely different name, just make sure and use your real address so you actually get the free items. DO NOT give any banking, debit or credit card information whatsoever. If a company is actually offering free samples then sensitive financial information should not be necessary.


Like we already stated, there are multiple sites you can sign up for free samples. Some you will know the exact items you’ll be getting and others will just be a surprise of items like a box of cleaning products. When searching through sites that advertise free samples, be realistic about the offers and what they are offering. Chances are if it’s an offer for free luxury products that seems to good to be true, then it’s a scam. You can expect to get household items, beauty products, non-perishable foods and snacks, as well as other gadgets and knick-knacks from legitimate free sample offers. Below is a list of the best places to start signing up for free samples. is a site that gives you access to a variety of free product offers for things like household items as well as coupons for products and local restaurants. The offers are updated daily.

Sign up to P&G Everyday and as a registered member you will get free samples from brands like Bounty, Dawn, Crest, Swiffer, Pantene, Cover Girl and more. is updated everyday with all of the newest free offers. You can expect to get a wide array of free offers from makeup to coffee creamer.

Listing coupons and sale items currently running, also list multiple places to get free samples. offers tips and tricks on how to save money as well as where to get free samples.

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