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Side Gigs Paying the Most with the Least Amount of Effort

by Advance Financial | June 29th, 2017


You work yourself to death at a 9 to 5 job but your paycheck is still not enough to pay all those bills and personal expenses. Getting a second job to make ends meet or even a little extra cash is never easy and can almost seem impossible at times. If you lack the time or energy for a second job, but need some extra income, try one of these super easy side gigs.


Amazon Flex Driver

Flexibility is the key for this side hustle. Amazon is paying people to deliver packages and they give you extreme flexibility when doing so. You can make anywhere between $18-$25 an hour and you schedule when you want to work or pick up a time slot that’s available. You can make up to $100 a week by only working 4 hours. Find our more here – Amazon Flex


Amazon Mechanical Turk

The best way to describe this gig is assembly line work for the mind. Once signing up to be a Turk, Amazon will post “HIT’s” or “Human Intelligence Tasks” that you can sign up to take on. This is mostly mindless work you do on your computer in your spare time. Jobs consist of tasks like stalking a person’s social media accounts to see if it appears to really be the same person for every account. The tasks involve doing odd things that computers can’t do and require a human mind. Jobs are usually really short and range in pay from pennies to dollars. Sign up to be a Turk here – Amazon Mechanical Turk


Donate Plasma

If you’re concerned about selling your body for cash, don’t be. You’ll only be selling part of it. Donating plasma is a safe and reliable side gig that allows you to earn between $20 and $50 a donation. The FDA allows donors to give twice a week, allowing you to make at minimum an extra $160 a month.


Dog Walking

Own a dog? Take advantage of your routine walks by walking your neighbor’s dogs as well. Based on the size of the dog you can walk up to 5 dogs at a time and charge between $5-$10 a dog. This side gig is as simple as posting on a neighborhood Facebook group or putting up flyers on surrounding streets. You’re sure to gain some exercise with this one as well.



This side gig literally takes hardly any work at all. Airbnb is an online marketplace and hospitality service, allowing people to lease short-term lodging. Based on your location and residence the range is pretty wide for the amount you can earn from this one. If you own your home you can simply rent it out for the weekend and stay with a friend. Depending on the size of your home you can charge whatever amount you want per night. If you rent your place you can still take advantage of this side gig, but you will have to make sure your landlord approves prior to signing up.


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