You + Me = Team

what do advance financial and the world cup have in common? they both have great teams!

Every four years, countries from around the globe compete in the world’s largest sporting event – the World Cup. There are 32 teams, each team is comprised of eleven players.

When those eleven players step out on the field to represent their country, they do so knowing that if they each give their all, they can emerge from the game victorious, but only if they all fulfil their role and responsibilities as part of the team.

There are many instances of teams who may not necessarily be favorites, but work hard, and gain victory over much more individually talented opponents.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

In her article, The 5 Key Characteristics of Effective Teams, Nancy Martini outlines five important characteristics that make up effective teams. Those characteristics are:

  • A meaningful common purpose
  • Clear performance goals
  • Diversity of skill and personality
  • Strong communication and collaboration
  • Trust and commitment

Every day each Advance Financial employee plays a vital role on our team, contributing to the success of our company. We work together as individuals functioning as a whole. Through hard work, dedication and perseverance, we strive to deliver what we call a world-class customer experience. Come into one of our 56 locations or visit us online at and let us show you how well our team works.

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