World Gratitude Day

celebrate world gratitude day, sunday september 21st

The 21st of September (this Sunday), is a day for individuals and organizations to put aside some time, and celebrate what gratitude means to them. For many, it’s a day to reflect on all the things in life they’re grateful for, and for others, it’s a day to remember the people in their lives that truly mean something to them.

The origins of World Gratitude Day stem from Hawaii, when in 1965 a group of people gathering decided that it would be a good idea to have one day a year to celebrate and be thankful for all that they have, and all the things in the world that mean something to them. The first World Gratitude day was held on September 21st, 1966, and has been held every year since for people to commemorate all the wonderful things they have in their lives.

Here are just a few ways you can celebrate World Gratitude Day:

  • Sending hand-written thank you notes to those for whom you are grateful
  • Meeting with the people who mean something to you, and expressing your gratitude for them
  • Recognizing a colleague or co-worker in a public environment, such as a staff meeting
  • Writing down a list of all the things in life for which you’re grateful
  • Telling your spouse that you appreciate all that they do for you

Did you know that gratitude could have certain health benefits? Find out more by reading this study.

Advance Financial will be open this World Gratitude Day, 24/7, around the clock. We are grateful to have you as our customer. Stop by and see us, let us serve you this Sunday.

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