Tips to Save More While Sacrificing Less


Everyone’s trying it and most fail at it. Why is saving money so hard to do? Along with the day-to-day expenses we all fall slave to, it’s easy to overindulge on things that bring you enjoyment. Although saving money is important to being financially stable, it shouldn’t make life dry and boring. Below we have outlined some ways to still be able to save, while also not having to sacrifice every enjoyable aspect of life.

Plan for The Fun

Making a weekly budget for groceries, gas, and bills is a given when trying to save money, but have you thought about making a budget for the fun stuff? Try budgeting an amount of money each week for extracurricular activities. Going out with friends, having a date night at the movies, or a shopping spree. Giving yourself an amount you are allowed to spend will keep your spending habits contained while also letting yourself partake in some fun.

Balance Your Wants and Needs

Most aspects in life are some form of give and take. When it comes to your finances, there are things you will need to spend money on and things you will want to spend money on. The key is to breakdown those expenses. Make a list of the things that you absolutely need and a list of the items you just want, that you can reasonably affordable. When making your “wants” list, put them in order of importance. Once all of your needs are taken care of put all money left over that was budgeted for those needs into a separate savings towards the item at the top of your wants list.

Save it for the Good Stuff

When making a budget for the “fun stuff” be picky what you spend that money on. Don’t blow it on something that won’t bring you as much happiness as something else. The key is to start planning out your activities for the week. Having a set schedule for fun, will also aid in keeping a set budget for it as well. Obviously, you can be flexible with this schedule, but making more conscience decisions about spending money on things you enjoy the most will help with spending less on those you don’t.

Change Some Habits

Yes, money can buy you a lot of things that can bring you happiness, but fun doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If the things you enjoy cost an arm and a leg, then switch it out with something else. Exploring all those free options that can bring you enjoyment will tremendously help with putting more money away for your savings. You might even find new hobbies and activities you never realized you would enjoy.