Tips and Tricks for a Profitable Summer Yard Sale


So you’ve already attempted the whole yard sale thing before and failed miserably. The goal of extra cash while de-cluttering your home ended in a trip to goodwill while barely making any money. A yard sale can be a lot of work and if you go about it the wrong way you can end up with a whole lot of wasted efforts. Done right, and you end up with extra cash in your pocket and less left over items to get rid of. Follow the tips below and you’re sure to have a prosperous summer yard sale.


Make sure your presence is known. Put up multiple signs around your neighborhood that can be clearly read and are not too flashy. All that needs to be advertised is the address and time. And so everyone knows ahead of time, place signs 2 to 3 days prior to the event. It also helps to place an ad in the local newspaper, as well as letting neighbors know via a post on a group/community Facebook page.


Make it easy for your customers to shop. Some maybe looking for a specific item, so make sure everything is visible and no one has to rummage through a pile of stuff. Group items in categories like toys, kitchen items, and furniture. When it comes to clothing, have everything hanging if possible and arranged by size.


Think about a retail store and how much work goes into displaying the products. Looks matter, and If you’re selling clothes that look dirty and wrinkled, there is a good chance they will be passed over by shoppers. Clean all items prior to the sale to make them shine like new, and for clothes make sure they are washed and ironed. Furniture needs to be arranged as it would be in an actual room. An example would be to layout a rug underneath a couch or other furniture for sale. Playing soothing music in the background also will add to the ambiance of your yard sale boutique and give shoppers a better experience.


You can expect to be confronted by hagglers trying to get you to sell an item for practically nothing. Don’t give in. Have prices clearly mark on each item, and make sure all items are not overpriced. Bargain hunters will be less likely to ask you to sell an item at a lower price if it is already a great deal. And remember, part of the goal for your yard sale is to de-clutter, so getting rid of an items for less than you paid for it shouldn’t be an issue. For bigger items like furniture, make large price signs so shoppers aren’t searching for that small, hidden price tag.


Timing is everything. You can have some great items that you are practically giving away, but if the time frame is off then you won’t be selling anything. Go ahead and cut weekdays out. The chances that people will want to come shop after a full day of work is very slim. Friday evening is the optimum time to start a yard sale. Not only will you attract those who are starting their weekend, but it’s also a great time for retirees. Though we recommend running your sale Friday to Sunday, if you’re planning a one-day sale make sure it’s Sunday. Most people will be running errands on their Saturday off, so a Sunday will probably end up being a much more profitable day. Start early and end late. 9:00 am to 4:00 pm is a good timeframe to ensure all who planned to come get a chance to.

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