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Rumored Changes for the iPhone 7


Rumor has it there are some significant changes coming to the newest version of Apple’s famous iPhone. Apple is notorious for having their newest iPhone edition launch in the month of September, yet they always keep the actual date under wraps up until days before. As with every launch, there is major buzz around what enhancements and new features will be added. With the iPhone 5, users were introduced to Siri. A year later iPhone 6 came out with HDR video and picture quality. So what is the buzz around the 7? Keep reading to find out all the rumored changes that will come with the iPhone 7.


See you later regular headphones, wireless headphones are taking over. In an attempt to remove wired accessories and move in the direction of wireless, it’s been said that Apple is removing the headphone port at the bottom of the phone. This is to aid in making the phone even slimmer than it already is. Don’t freak out just yet, there are already multiple companies creating adapters to enable regular headphones with a cord to be plugged into the charging port. But again, that’s just rumored.


What is one of the most popular colors for electronic products that seems to be missing from the iPhone color palette? Black of course, but not once the 7 comes out. According to www.macrumors.com, Apple will be replacing the space gray color with glossy black. This will now give buyers the color choices of gold, rose gold, silver, white, and the new glossy black.


The new iPhone 7 will feature a16nm Apple A10 processor and 2GB or 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM depending on the model. And all that tech talk translates into an upgraded camera that will include a new dual-lens setup on the iPhone as well as a bigger battery that will stay charged longer.


The dreaded fear of getting water damage or dust inside one’s phone causes many users to purchase a bulky case to protect the phone. It has been rumored that Apple has made some major changes to the build of the phone that will make the 7 dust resistant as well as completely water proof or more water resistant than previous versions.

So there you have it. All the rumors that have came out regarding the changes that will come with the iPhone 7. On September 7th Apple will be having a special press event where it is expected they will unveil the 7th edition to the iPhone family and put the rumors to rest on all the changes.


Your Guide to Scoring Free Stuff Online



Getting some of your favorite name brand items for free is easier than you might think. There are multiple sites that offer free samples of household products, beauty products, food, and many other items. What’s the catch? They simply want your email address. But along with boxes of free samples, you will also get tons of spam sent to the email you signed up with.




So here is the deal. When you’re signing up for free samples you’re also signing up for your information (name, address, email) to be used by companies to send you promotional marketing material. You will usually have to take a short survey when signing up, which consists of questions like your age, gender, and household income, or how often you eat out. The work-around is to create a new email address with the sole purpose of being used to sign up for free samples. This way your personal email address won’t be bombarded with newsletters and weekly deals from stores you never signed up with and you’ll still get all the free samples. You can even create a completely different name, just make sure and use your real address so you actually get the free items. DO NOT give any banking, debit or credit card information whatsoever. If a company is actually offering free samples then sensitive financial information should not be necessary.



Like we already stated, there are multiple sites you can sign up for free samples. Some you will know the exact items you’ll be getting and others will just be a surprise of items like a box of cleaning products. When searching through sites that advertise free samples, be realistic about the offers and what they are offering. Chances are if it’s an offer for free luxury products that seems to good to be true, then it’s a scam. You can expect to get household items, beauty products, non-perishable foods and snacks, as well as other gadgets and knick-knacks from legitimate free sample offers. Below is a list of the best places to start signing up for free samples.

FreeSamples.org is a site that gives you access to a variety of free product offers for things like household items as well as coupons for products and local restaurants. The offers are updated daily.

Sign up to P&G Everyday and as a registered member you will get free samples from brands like Bounty, Dawn, Crest, Swiffer, Pantene, Cover Girl and more.

Sweetfreestuff.com is updated everyday with all of the newest free offers. You can expect to get a wide array of free offers from makeup to coffee creamer.

Listing coupons and sale items currently running, mysavings.com also list multiple places to get free samples.

Freebies.org offers tips and tricks on how to save money as well as where to get free samples.

Date In Night- Men and Woen at River side

The Best Deals for a Date Night in Nashville



Fun, food, and relaxation! Whatever type of date night you want we have found some great deals to make it a little cheaper. Whether you want to take a private dance class or have a relaxing 45-minute mediation session before dinner, you’re bound to have a great time out with that special someone while not breaking the bank.


Shooting Range

Includes a two-hour shooting-range package for two or four at Everything Weapons Shooting Range for $31 or $45, which is 40% off regular price – Get Deal

Laser Tag

Get six laser-tag combat missions and one-year membership for two at Hard Knocks, regularly priced at $80, for only $45 – Get Deal

Dinner and Movie Package

For $39 you get two movie tickets and $100 Restaurant.com eGift card ($124 value). – Get Deal

Dance Lessons

Get those legs moving with a private dance lesson for 2 for only $25 (regularly priced at $55). – Get Deal

Art lesson/Painting

Sip on some wine while you learn to paint a beautiful portrait for $50, regularly priced at $90. Package includes paints, brushes, easel, apron, and 16×20-inch canvas. – Get Deal


City Winery

Get brunch, lunch, or dinner for two with drinks at City Winery for Up to 54% off package deals. –Get Deal

Basement East

Get an Asian/Mexican street fare meal for two or four for up to 50% off. – See Deals

Sole Mio Cuisine

Pay $22 for $40 worth of Italian cuisine for dine-in or pay $19 for $30 worth of Italian takeout for dinner –Get Deals

Bria Bistro Italiano

Pay $14 for $25 worth of italian cuisine dinner. – Get Deal

Suzy Wongs House of Yum

Pay $12 for $20 worth of Asian-fusion cuisine Or $24 for $40 worth of Asian-fusion cuisine for parties of four or more. – Get Deal



Pay $95 for two 60-minute deep-tissue, Swedish, pre-natal, hot-stone, or relaxing massages ($200 value) – Get Deal

Serenity Salt Cave

Pay $40 for two 45-minute salt-cave visits ($60 value). – Get Deal

Infrared Sauna Session

Pay $30 for two 30-minute infrared sauna sessions ($60 value) – Get Deal

Meditation sessions

Get two 45-minute meditation sessions from Pranic Healing Nashville for $70 ($130 value). Get Deal


Get two rejuvenating facials at Amo Te Therapeutics for $118 ($240 value). – Get Deal

Car Services Icons

Discounted Automotive Services

Car Services Icons

Maintenance costs for your vehicle are usually not that cheap and getting your oil changed or your tires rotated isn’t the first thing you want to spend your paycheck on. To help you save money on automotive services we have found some pretty big discounted promotions running right now.

Up to $50 off Jiffy Lube oil change. – Get Deal

Up to 44% off wheel-alignment package or road trip ready package at Sears Auto Center. – Get Deal

Pay $29 for $100 toward mobile windshield replacement from Safe Auto Glass. – Get Deal

Pay $19 for $100 toward mobile windshield replacement or insurance deductible at Cascade Auto Glass. – Get Deal

Up to 62% off one or two full air-conditioner services at Evans Boys Mechanic Shop. – Get Deal

Up to 50% off paint protection for doors, hood and fender, and bumpers at ProTint. – Get Deal

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Top Meal Deals $5 and Under


Let’s face it, fast food isn’t the healthiest of options but it’s definitely the quickest and most convenient. When you want to feed yourself or your family with no hassle, it’s a great option. Though fast food has traditionally not only been fast but cheap, now-a-days one meal at a fast food restaurant can get up to $12. To help fill up your belly while also keeping your wallet full, we have ranked the top 10 best fast food deals for $5 and under running right now.


5 for $4

Includes a bacon cheeseburger, crispy chicken nuggets, fries, drink and a chocolate chip cookie.

2 for $4 Breakfast

Includes 2 of either the ham, bacon, or sausage egg or cheese Croissan’wich.

2 for $5 Mix and Match

Choose 2 items with the options of the chicken sandwich, extra long cheeseburger, or fish sandwich.

2 for $10 Whopper Meal

Includes 2 whoppers, 2 orders of fries and 2 drinks.

Other Deals

10pc nuggets – $1.50


$5 Fill Up Chicken Tenders

Includes 3 extra crispy tenders, larger mashed potatoes, biscuit, cookie, medium drink, and dipping sauce.

$5 Fill Up Famous Bowl

Includes a bowl of chicken chunks, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy, a cookie, and medium drink.

$5 Fill Up Chicken Breast

Includes 1 chicken breast, larger mashed potatoes, biscuit, cookie, and medium drink. 

$5 Fill Up Pot Pie

Includes a chicken potpie, cookie, and medium drink.


$4 Real Deal

Includes a double cheeseburger, spicy chicken sandwich, fries, and a drink.

$5 Frisco Combo

Includes a Frisco Thickburger, fries, and drink



4 for $4

Includes choice of JR. bacon cheeseburger or crispy chicken BLT with fries a drink and 4 chicken nuggets.

50¢ Frosty

Choose between a small chocolate or vanilla frosty.


$2 for 2

Choose McDouble or McChicken with a side (small fries or 3 pc. mozzarella sticks).

Other Deals

Get a cheeseburger, fries, and a drink for $4.89.

Get 20 chicken nuggets for $5.00.


$5 Doubledilla

Includes steak or chicken Doubledilla with chips and salsa.

$5 cravings deal

Includes cheesy Gordita crunch, beef burrito supreme, crunchy taco, chips with cheese, and a medium drink.


$5 Boom Box Deal

Includes one of your favorite 6-inch hot dogs, a Jr. deluxe cheeseburger, medium tots or fries and a medium drink.

½ Price Shakes

After 8pm you can get any flavor milkshake for half off.


$3.99 boneless wings meal

Includes bbq or buffalo boneless wings with a side of fries and drink.

59¢ Krystal or Icee

Between 2-5pm all regular Krystal burgers and 12oz Icees are only 59¢.


$5 Buck Lunch

Includes choice of bacon cheeseburger, regular cheeseburger, or chicken tenders with fries, drink and a world-famous DQ sundae.


2 for $5.00 Mix and Match

Choose 2 items from loaded curly fries, roasted beef classic sandwich, crispy fish fillet or a beef ‘n cheddar classic.                     

$1 Each 2-5pm

Get any sliders, fries, shake or drink for $1.

Summer Activities- Nashville shores

47% off Nashville Shores Water Park Tickets


It’s still blazing hot outside, and the best way to cool down is hitting the water. Right now you can get tickets for 47% off to Nashville Shores Water Park through Groupon.com. Click Here to get tickets.


Nashville Round Trip Flights Under $200


If you think it’s too late to take a summer vacation, you’re wrong. You still have time to hit the beach, the amusement parks, or wherever your desired destination may be. And right now is an even better time to get out of town because Southwest Airlines is running some great deals on flights. To help with your planning we have created the breakdown below of cities you can get round trip flights for under $200 in the months of August and September. For More information visit Southwest.com.



50% Discount on Krispy Kreme Doughnuts


Do you have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied? Right now you can get a discount of 50% off Krispy Kreme doughnuts and beverages through Groupon.com. the Groupon deal is $10 for $20 worth of doughnuts or beverages and the coupon is honored at 7 different Nashville locations.

CLICK HERE to claim this offer and see the 7 locations offered!


Facts You Never Knew about the Chocolate Chip Cookie


It’s one the most famous desserts enjoyed all around the world. The chocolate chip cookie has been around for decades and has been implemented into many different desserts. To pay homage to the famous chocolate chip cookie, we have created a list of some interesting facts you might not have known about this delicious treat.


Way back in 1937, a woman by the name of Ruth Graves was making Butter Drop Do cookies and didn’t have Bakers chocolate to mix in with the dough. To improvise, she reached for a bar of Nestle chocolate and chopped up chunks to mix in with the dough. Ruth expected the chocolate chunks to melt and mix in with the dough, but instead the chunks kept their shape and, VIOLA! The chocolate chip cookie was made.


In 2003 the world’s largest chocolate chip cookie was made by the Immaculate Baking Company. The cookie weighed a whopping 40,000 pounds with a 101 feet diameter. To create a cookie of this size, it took the team over 8 months and they used a total of 30,000 eggs.


With an average of 7 billion eaten in a year, the chocolate chip cookie is proven to be a favorite of all. In a study about cookie preference, 50% of Americans chose chocolate chip cookies over oatmeal, peanut butter, and any other type of cookie. In another study, 13.5% of Americans admitted to haven eaten 20 or more chocolate chip cookies in one sitting. The famous cookie is one of the 4 foods that the pickiest of eaters accepts.


If you wanted to buy a bag of chocolate chips before 1937 then you were out of luck. Chances are you probably would not have been looking for them though, cause they didn’t even exist. Nestle created chocolate chips specifically to be used for making chocolate chip cookies. The average cookie contains 6 to 8 chocolate chips, yet one tablespoon of cookie dough can contain a maximum of 50 chocolate chips.


One of the most important ingredients, other than the chocolate chip of course, is butter. Butter contributes the most to the actual taste of the cookie and depending on how you use it in your receipt can change the outcome of the texture and taste. Using melted butter when mixing the dough will create a denser cookie while using a creamy butter makes the cookie have a more soft, cake texture.

Comparing Wal-Mart’s Version of the Yeti to the Real Yeti

To appease our curiosity we also performed an experiment to compare the two tumblers and see if the result Barnes got would be consistent with the 20 oz. tumbler as well. In our experiment, we found that the 20 oz. Ozark Tumbler, priced at 7.97 and available at Wal-Mart, had the same amount of ice melt as the 20 oz. Yeti, priced at $29.99, after sitting for 12 hours. Check out the video below.

So if you’re looking to save some money, we recommend purchasing the Ozark tumbler at Wal-Mart rather than paying more than double for the Yeti tumbler.

There is a video currently making its rounds on the Internet where news anchor Matt Barnes, of NBC4 Today, compares the 30 oz. Yeti tumbler, priced at $39.99, with the 30 oz. Ozark tumbler, priced at $9.74 and sold at Wal-Mart.  In the video Barnes fills both tumblers with ice and lets them sit for 24 hours. He then pours out all the water that resulted from the ice melting and compared the amounts for each.