How to Prevent Spreading the Flu

Flu season is in full force, so the time to change some everyday habits to prevent the spreading of this virus is now! The flu is spread mainly from person to person from tiny droplets flying out when a sick person coughs or sneezes. When these droplet germs make it into the air or on objects we touch every day and then end up in our eye nose or mouth, the flu is spread. Below we have listed the best ways to prevent this from getting this virus.

Get a Flu Shot

The best way to prevent getting the flu, is to get the flu vaccination or the flu nasal spray. Most walk-in clinics and some pharmacies offer both and at a cheap price.

Don’t Touch Your Eyes, Nose or Mouth

The three places that most people contract the flu virus are the eyes, nose or mouth. You may touch a door handle, desk or other object that has flu germs on it and then rub your eyes or nose, or bite your fingernail and just like that, you have the virus. You should always try to avoid touching these areas unless your hands are clean, especially during flu season.

Wash Your Hands

Your hands are going to get bacteria on them. How much bacteria depends on how often you wash them. Consistently washing your hands throughout the day with clean, running water and soap will significantly decrease the amount of bacteria you carry on your hands, lessening the chance you will spread the flu virus.

Keep Your distance

Hugs are great, but not so much with someone who is sick. During the flu season, try to avoid getting too close to others that may be sick. If there is a chance you or your significant other might be sick or getting sick try to avoid physical touch in the form of kissing.

Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is a sure way to stay healthy, so drink even more when you are sick. Water keeps things moving and flushes out toxins while also improving your immune system.

Stay Home

If you are sick, then don’t get out. Your interactions with others makes them susceptible to catching the virus from you. Taking a sick day to rest up and get well is the responsible thing to do and your coworkers will greatly appreciate it.