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Morning Yoga

Grow Old – But Don’t Feel Old

Growing old happens. You turn around one day and there are…
Graduation Day Image

Graduation – Elation or Frustration?

College graduations are taking place right and left this…
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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

At Advance Financial, we believe in good health. One of the…
Advance Financial Fun Activity

Give a Little Bit – Country Music Marathon

Saturday, April 26th marked the 15th Annual Country Music Marathon.…
Country Music Marathon Road Closures Map

Country Music Marathon Visitor and Traffic Impact

Our recent post about the St. Jude Country Music Marathon…
Country Music Marathon

Nashville’s Country Music Marathon – Going the Extra Mile

On April 26, thousands of people will run 26.2 miles through…
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Saving the Earth, One Step at a Time

Ever think about what the earth will be like in 100 years?…
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Who Says There Are No Free Lunches?

Don’t forget that today is April 15th.  You know what…