Great Gifts for Dad Under $20


So your dad deserves the title of “Best Father in the world” but payday is too far away and all the gifts fit for the world’s best dad are just too expensive. Being low on cash doesn’t have to be an issue when it comes to picking out a great gift for the guy that was always there to loan you the car, give you a couple extra bucks, and cheer you on through every endeavor. Check out these gifts all under $20 that are sure to show your appreciation for dad.

Beer Opening Glass



This Pint glass beer mug with a bottle opener at the bottom is the perfect gift for the “geniously” lazy dad.

Gentleman’s Deck



Is your dad quite the gentleman, or does he need some help in this area. This deck of cards will guide him on the path to sophistication with tips on how to tie knots, drink whiskey, and more.

Magnetic Wristband



For the hard working man, this is the perfect tool to have. The wristband allows for easy access to nails and screws while on a construction site or just doing some DIY at home.




Does your father feel it necessary to document all of life’s events through pictures? If so, the gorilla grip is a perfect tool to have and makes for a great gift.

Flex Grip Work Gloves



The Flex Grip work gloves are designed to be lightweight and durable so he can get the job done without losing his grip.

Selfie Remote



Even dad likes a selfie every once in a while. The selfie remote makes it easy to take pics with the family from a distance without having to ask a random stranger to snap the photo.

Smartphone bicycle mount



For the guy who stays active, this device is the perfect tool to allow him to use GPS or keep his phone from flying out of his hands while cycling.

4-pack Mini Death Hot Sauce



Not for the faint of heart, but if your dad has a taste for all things spicy, this tongue melting hot sauce pack will have him salivating.

Multi Function Hammer Tool with Pouch



If your dad needs a serious tool upgrade, and you don’t want to spend a lot on it, this is the gift to give. This gadget has all the most necessary tools conveniently in one device.

Bear Grylls Survival Fire Starter



Does your dad have fantasies of roughing it? Get him an essential tool to set him on his way with this fire starter.

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