Follow Through Isn’t Just for Golf


There seem to be two kinds of people, those that say, and those that do. We’ve all met both types. It’s only when the two combine into one that the problems begin. You know the type, “I had a great time, I’ll call you,” and the call never comes, “I’ll clean the garage,” and you have to wonder whose garage got cleaned, because it certainly wasn’t yours, or “I’ll be ready to go at 6:30,” and you’re still waiting at 7:00.

It’s bad when individuals do this, it’s MUCH WORSE when it’s a company offense. “The serviceman will be there between 1:00 and 3:00,” “We’re looking for a way to get you more money,” and the absolute worse, “You’ll won’t be charged for that service.”

Here are some of the ways Advance Financial does what we say we’ll do:

  • Our Money Orders are free. You will never be charged a fee to purchase a money order
  • Our Bill Pay is Free. You will never be charged a fee to process a bill at any of our locations
  • Our 24/7 locations are truly 24/7. We never close, 365 days a year.
  • Our full time employees receive 100% company paid health insurance.
  • We give employees 40 hours of paid volunteer time off annually to volunteer in the community.

At Advance Financial we’ve built trust with not only our customers but with our employees by following through and sticking to our word. Trust is difficult to build, but extremely easy to destroy.

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