Comparing Wal-Mart’s Version of the Yeti to the Real Yeti

To appease our curiosity we also performed an experiment to compare the two tumblers and see if the result Barnes got would be consistent with the 20 oz. tumbler as well. In our experiment, we found that the 20 oz. Ozark Tumbler, priced at 7.97 and available at Wal-Mart, had the same amount of ice melt as the 20 oz. Yeti, priced at $29.99, after sitting for 12 hours. Check out the video below.

So if you’re looking to save some money, we recommend purchasing the Ozark tumbler at Wal-Mart rather than paying more than double for the Yeti tumbler.

There is a video currently making its rounds on the Internet where news anchor Matt Barnes, of NBC4 Today, compares the 30 oz. Yeti tumbler, priced at $39.99, with the 30 oz. Ozark tumbler, priced at $9.74 and sold at Wal-Mart.  In the video Barnes fills both tumblers with ice and lets them sit for 24 hours. He then pours out all the water that resulted from the ice melting and compared the amounts for each.

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