7 Shopping Habits That Save You Money

Good or bad, we all have habits. Biting your nails, being OCD about turning off lights, etc. Though we all have different habits, nothing hits your bank account harder than bad shopping habits. You could be throwing money down the drain, simply because of certain tendencies you do while out shopping. To combat any bad shopping habits, we have comprised a list of 7 good shopping habits to take up next time you are shopping.

1. Go Straight to the Clearance Aisle 

Eyes ahead and focus on the prize – bargains. Look to find discounted items on your list first to avoid paying full price.

 2. Look for Coupons

Prepare for your shopping journey by clipping those coupons or finding them digitally on sites like Ebates.

3. Pay with a Rewards Card

There are multiple cards with great cash back rewards on items you buy every day. Make sure and always use one of these cards when shopping to get those cash back rewards. And if you don’t have one, we offer an Advance Financial Prepaid Netspend card with cash back rewards. Find out how to get one here –

4. Order Your Groceries Online

That’s right, don’t step foot into a grocery store. Walmart, Kroger, and multiple other grocery store chains offer online grocery shopping where you order online and then come pick up your groceries outside the store. They even load your groceries for you. By ordering online you will get only the items on your list and not be tempted to purchase excess goods, saving you money in the long run.

5. Shop for Apparel at Discounted Retailers

Companies like TJ Maxx and Ross have tons of designer brands for have the price! Make sure and check out these stores first when clothes shopping and you can save substantially on a new wardrobe.

6. Shop Around

Don’t stick to just your regular, go-to retailer. Get online and check prices to make sure you find the lowest price.

7. Negotiate When Possible

This isn’t applicable everywhere, but places like flea markets and farmer markets it is. Don’t low ball anyone but a friendly negotiation to pay a cheaper price never hurt anyone.